Where to eat near OMSI after the ACSP Opening Reception

There are many food, drink and nightlife options around OMSI in the Central Eastside Industrial District. This list includes the most popular choices within one mile—all under a 15 minute walk.

$: under $10  |  $$: $11-$30  |  $$$: $30-$60  |  (price range includes a drink and tip)

  1. Noraneko ($$) Ramen, sandwiches, snacks, cocktails, sake and beer. (veg/gf opt)
  2. Carmella’s Wines ($$) Wine bar with snacks and small plates
  3. Bunk Bar ($$) Breakfast all day, sandwiches, snacks and pinball.
  4. Hair of the Dog Brewery ($$) Unique strong beers, meals, sandwiches, and snacks
  5. Taylor Railworks ($$$) Fusion tapas (from oysters to chicken & waffles) and cocktails
  6. Olympia Provisions ($$) European-style charcuterie, small/large plates; closes at 10pm
  7. Le Bistro Montage ($$) French creole/Cajun cuisine: chicken plates, jambalaya, linguini
  8. Kachka ($$) Modern/nostalgic Russian meats, dumplings, vodka and drinking snacks.
  9. Loyal Legion Pub ($$) Burgers and 99 local Oregon beers on tap
  10. Robo Taco ($) Popular quick stop for tacos and burritos (veg opt)
  11. Cascade Brewing ($$) Barrel-aged/sour beers with sandwiches and small plates
  12. Green Dragon Bistro & Pub ($$) Sandwiches, snacks, and many local beers on tap
  13. White Owl Social Club ($$) Biker bar with burgers and nachos (veg opt)
  14. Lucky Labrador Brew Pub ($) Local brewery with bento and sandwiches. Dog-friendly.
  15. Cartopia Pod ($) Food carts for chicken, pizza, Belgian-style french fries and PB&J (veg/gf opt)
  16. Lardo: ($$) Popular pork-centric gourmet sandwiches and beer
  17. Teote Areperia: Latin American street food restaurant: arepas, bowls, and peppers. (veg/gf opt)





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