PSU Student Recommendations: Dave Kresta, 2nd year Ph.D

Coffee: In Portland, friends don’t let friends go to Starbucks for caffeine. Here are some of my favorite places for coffee, each with their own special Portland vibe. You won’t find sugary, flavored 40 oz “coffee” drinks at these places, but you will find expertly drawn espresso, beautiful latte art, and great mojo!
  • Heart Coffee  Two locations, one on SW 12th not too far from the Hilton, and one on E Burnside. The later is the ultimate hipster hangout, but the one in SW isn’t too far behind. They make their own almond milk for crying out loud.
  • Courier Coffee Close to Powell’s bookstore. Austere surroundings, with a small, hand-written menu. They make a small selection of excellent baked goods on site, as well.
  • Dragonfly Coffee Up in the NW 23rd district, in a historic house with a living room feel. They make their own chai mix and have great baked goods.
  • Water Ave Coffee In Eastside industrial district, but they are opening one on SW 6th in October. I’m excited because this will be a sorely needed addition to the coffee scene around Pioneer Courthouse Square (Portland’s living room).
  • Case Study Coffee Multiple locations, including one on SW 10th right on the MAX Blue and Red lines. Great place to hang out and, well, study.
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters Multiple locations, including one on SW 3rd near Voodoo Donuts. This is sort of the Ground Zero of the Portland coffee scene.
  • Spella Caffe On SW 5th not too far from hotel. Standing room only, very European, but also very Portland in feel.
  • Coava Coffee Across the river on SE Grand. Large, sparse space. Make sure to check out the bamboo lined bathroom.
  • Trailhead Coffee Roasters NE Martin Luther King. Also called Cup & Bar. They roast and deliver beans throughout the Portland area on bike, as well as share a space with Ranger Chocolates which is made on-site.
  • Barista Multiple locations. Just really excellent coffee and espresso. What more could you want?

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